Stephanie Colvey was born in Montreal. At 20, she discovered photography as a means of self expression. Stephanie is self-taught, however she is grateful to a few local Montreal photographers who encouraged and guided her. For Stephanie, photography brings her into contact with people, allows her to explore, discover and describe the richness of life and the resilience of the human spirit

Focussing on people....

Stephanie’s first interest is above all, people. She has a direct approach and always strives to reveal the essence of the person in her portraits. She approaches her subjects with respect and openness, whether in the studio, or on location. She photographs individuals, couples, families, artists and entrepreneurs. Her sense of composition and balance informs her selection of lighting, angles and backgrounds.


The human spirit: the engine of business ....

Stephanie Colvey assures that the human aspect of the corporation is revealed in her portraits of professionals, corporate directors and employees. She welcomes the challenge of reflecting the mission and the essence of corporations by a few well constructed and well executed photos. Annual reports, brochures and web sites are enriched by her photos.


Sensitivity, light, the power of details....capturing beauty!

“Photography is geometry”, said the great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. In commercial photography, Stephanie Colvey brings this maxim to her photos of jewelry, clothing, interiors, food, etc. She faithfully reproduces works of art with careful use of lighting and choice of point of view. She presents products and services while communicating a vision, an image, a style, an atmosphere in catalogues, web sites and brochures to assure that they are inviting and convincing.  


Capturing the moment.

Curious about people and their lives, whether religious leaders or circus performers, Stephanie’s documentary style of photography captures the candid moments, the emotions, gestures and movement creating memorable images. Her photos tell of ordinary people who are in fact quite extraordinary in their spirit and their remarkable resilience. She photographs for school books creating images on subjects ranging from ethics to math and science.


Looking at the world.

On photography assignment, Stephanie has delved into issues of international development, education and health in various countries including Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Kenha, Malawi and other African countries. She has photographed on the themes of human rights, poverty and economic development and the environment in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, East Timor as well as the Balkan states of Bosnia-Herzogovina and Albania during the exodus of Kosovar refugees for CIDA, Care Canada and other Canadian and international organizations.


She was one of six Canadian women photographers selected to work on the theme of Women’s Rights in six countries in the world. This project, under the auspices of CIDA and Rights and Democracy, sent her to Peru where she met and photographed women struggling to combat poverty and social injustices. The photographs were presented in the exhibition Rights and Realities, presented at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa, and in various cities throughout Canada over 5 years. It was also presented at the World Conference on Women in Beijing.


Tales to remember...

Stephanie has researched, written, filmed and edited various videos for World University Service of Canada in a number of African countries and in Vietnam, telling the stories and challenges of international volunteers. She is often her own 1 person crew, gaining the trust of the people she interview and films,, to tell their stories and reflect their realities.  She has been commissioned by CIDA to film “success stories” in India and Sri Lanka.